Psalmist Regina Courtney has been endowed with a fresh anointing, enthusiasm, and spirit to lead others to Christ. Being practically born into it, she is no stranger to the music ministry. Regina’s journey began at the tender age of 6 when her parents Dansby and Lillie Mae Sturdivant realized that she could sing and encouraged her to sing her very first solo “How Great Thou Art”. It soon became evident that this future psalmist’s zeal to worship Christ at that early age, that a God-thing was happening in her life. The foundation of christian principles and values that were instilled in her and modeled by her parents propelled her to further inquire about Jesus Christ. Accepting Christ in her heart at age of 12, her passion to see others saved grew stronger. She often witnessed to kids at school and persuaded her Dad to meet the parents and give those new converts a ride to church. She is still known as the little lady with the big voice.


By age 15 she was totally sold out to Christ, involved in Prison Ministry, and seeking Bible Study groups to attend in order to further grow.  The gift to sing began to blossom and she found herself leading songs in the choir, and leading Praise and Worship (at that time is was called  leading devotion). Regina was often teased, because she had no desire to party and stay out late.


Blessed with a powerful yet sweet voice, Regina uses this God-given talent in song to proclaim the Word of God while admonishing and uplifting the Body of Christ.


At age 36, God called Regina to preach the Gospel. She was licensed as a minister and went on further into fulfilling her purpose. She has heeded God’s call as a Licensed Minister of the Gospel of Christ as well as  accepting her prophetic assignment in the Music Ministry. Regina has served in many capacities in the local church in addition to Leading Worship.


Moreover, Regina Courtney is a very sensitive and caring servant of the Lord who desires to see others reach their fullest potential in Christ Jesus.  Regina can testify of the experience the pain of rejection brought. Three failed marriages and four children later, the lyrics to her first solo became real.
The way she has persevered through these challenges and more, is living proof of the application of God’s Word in her life.  Regina can indeed, truly testify of  “How Great Thou Art”.


Although it seemed as though the trail of “Fragments” seemed to be all that remained of Regina over the course of eight years after the ending of her third marriage, it was during that time that the Almighty God pruned away what was dead in her life; reshaped her entire makeup; and allowed an outpouring of  His anointing oil on her. Through God’s grace and favour Regina was able to record and released her first CD titled "Obedience".


Regina understands that all things are possible through Christ. All things have worked together for her good. She has been called to preach, teach, evangelize, and sing prophetically all to the glory of God under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


Through obedience and the pain thereof, she birthed this ministry of Encouragement and Hope called Gather The Fragments Ministries. As written above there were times in Regina's life when there seemed to be no hope and no one to encourage her. Therefore, her mission is that no one in her sphere of influence will have to bare hopelessness, fear, nor rejection alone without encouragement and a deposit of hope.